Business; Online Business Solutions Shaping the Banking Landscape

Business; Online Business Solutions Shaping the Banking LandscapeBusiness: Online Business Solutions Shaping the Banking Landscape.

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For many years Standard Bank has been investing resources into developing business tools which assist business owners of Gauteng into financial ease. Business Online (BOL) voted the best online business solution for 17 consecutive years certainly illustrates the continued commitment Standard Bank makes to the business market in South Africa.

According to Thys Buitendag, Director of Business Banking at Standard Bank, “This online offering is for those businesses that make vast payments and have two or more people managing the business financials.”

Standard Bank BOL streamlines banking processes and offers added; convenience, security, control, integration and usability. The electronic banking facility offers a number of financial and non-financial convenient services.

Buitendag says that online banking for South Africans is fast becoming popular and standard business practice, those financial institutions that can adapt and keep up with the evolving market are sure to expand and become more favourable.”

Additional to this, Business Online offers businesses an integrated window to all the online business services offered by Standard Bank. These services currently range from traditional banking to trading in various financial markets as well as related online business services.

Benefits and Services:

Adds Buitendag, “We are recognised as a leader in innovative banking solutions and Business Online is Standard Bank’s safe, efficient and customer-centred on-line banking solution, which gives you direct control over all of your transactional banking, both internationally and domestically. It also gives you access to the crucial financial information you need to run your business, all via the Internet.”

Convenience: A single interface that is simple, easy-to-use and runs on familiar browser technology. BOL facilitates all non-cash transactions and can be networked to enable multiple users to access the system at the same time. BOL also provides business owners the ability to access it anywhere and anytime via the internet.

Security: As a top priority for Standard Bank, BOL has an advanced protection system integrating numerous precautions such as security tokens, software certificates and passwords.

Control: BOL users have the power to maintain and update their profile and list of beneficiaries. Access to the application anywhere in the world and the ability to control how much is spent on banking. The system is fully modular so therefore, BOL users only pay for what is chosen to be used.

Integration: BOL is designed to integrate into the existing line-of-business software and will automatically allow for more efficient transaction procession and reconciliation.

Usability: BOL was created with clients for clients and therefore BOL users can expect; continuous updates and evolution of BOL, a user friendly programme with the e-learning tool providing access to all the training and assistance required around its features and functions.

“Extensive support is provided to all Business Online clients. A dedicated team of online banking professionals deliver tailor-made training, onsite, on a one-on-one or group basis. Online help screens provide added support. If you require personal assistance, our online messaging service and our Business Online Client Contact Centre offer a quick and reliable response to all system/process-related queries,” says Buitendag.

“As a Business Online client in Gauteng, you will enjoy peace of mind as all your electronic banking is conducted within a secure and controlled environment, with extensive usage and release control features.” Concludes Buitendag.

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