Delivering Transformation for Business Banking

Delivering Transformation for Business BankingDelivering Transformation for Business Banking.

Challenging the disruptors.

Much has been written about the impact of new market disruptors, neo banks and FinTechs on traditional banks. The competitors in many cases are purely digital, unburdened by the same costs, regulations and legacy systems faced by many traditional banks. This disruption is forcing banks to accelerate their plans to modernise their systems and infrastructure, but also to discover new ways of delivering customer value through innovation.

Icon Solutions enables banks to navigate this disruption, bringing together two key drivers – the client’s business objectives and their IT strategic vision. We use tools and capabilities to set priorities, identify opportunities, break silos, drive accelerated change, reduce costs and leverage existing investments within the organisation.

Where Icon adds value:

Our work has enabled a greater speed to market for customers, i ncreased agility, reduced risk and unlocked capabilities for re-use across processes and channels.


Replacing online and mobile applications for Commercial Banking customers.

Our Client, a major global bank, initiated a digital transformation programme to replace the online and mobile applications for its Commercial Banking customers from the UK and Hong Kong. The existing applications were nearing end-of life and were in need of a complete overhaul in order to decrease customer attrition.

Icon Solutions mobilised a three-year programme to complete the transformation of the bank’s mobile and online banking platforms. We devised a migration approach that enabled a gradual transition of functionality to the new platform, while keeping impact on the existing application to a minimum.


Fast tracking digital customer on-boarding.

A global Tier 1 bank wanted to dramatically improve customer experience for corporate customer on-boarding across their Commercial Banking and Global Banking and Markets.

Icon delivered a holistic view across the on-boarding and product fulfillment process, with an intuitive user interface that gave the business rapid access to key data around on-boarding activities. We automated the tracking of the end-to-end process, replacing manual spreadsheet-based tracking, which resulted in less time spent on low-value activities, and a better allocation and utilisation of resources. This led to a significant improvement in the customer experience, differentiating our Client in a crowded marketplace.

“The solution is a game-changer for the bank; it makes the life of our people and Clients simpler, faster and better. It gives the bank a differentiator versus our competitors in areas of new business acquisition within corporate banking across our key markets.”

Deputy Global Head of Customer Experience Global Tier 1 Bank.

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