Invoice Finance Solutions

Invoice Finance SolutionsInvoice Finance Solutions.

Strengthen your cash flow by releasing funds against unpaid invoices, or assets such as property, machinery, equipment or inventory.

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You must have a projected turnover of more than £50,000 per annum and trade business-to-business on credit terms.

Invoice Finance.

Benefit from early access to cash tied up in your unpaid invoices.

Choose between Factoring and Invoice Discounting, to suit your business needs.

You can benefit from this product, even if you bank elsewhere.

Debtor Protection.

Protect your business from the potential negative impact of customers failing to pay, with Debtor Protection.

This product is only available alongside a Lloyds Bank Invoice Finance facility.

Asset Based Lending.

Increase your working capital by turning business assets such as property, machinery or equipment into cash.

This product is only available alongside a Lloyds Bank Invoice Discounting facility.

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More about Invoice Finance.

What is Invoice Finance? We will advance up to 90% of the money tied up in your outstanding invoices, usually within 24 hours. We may also release cash against other assets such as stock, machinery or equipment with Asset Based Lending.

Why use Invoice Finance? Invoice finance can help strengthen your cash flow instantly, instead of waiting for customers to pay you. Freeing up working capital to allow you to fund your day-to-day needs or invest in new opportunities.

Will my customers know I use Invoice Finance? This will depend on which Invoice Finance facility is most suitable. With Invoice Factoring, your customers will know you are using this service. However with Invoice Discounting your customers will not know you are using this service.

Important legal information.

Lloyds Bank plc. Registered office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. Registered in England and Wales No. 2065. Lloyds Bank plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 119278.

Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded in case we need to check we have carried out your instructions correctly and to help us improve our quality of service.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting facilities may be provided by one or more of Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Limited, Lloyds Bank plc and Bank of Scotland plc.

Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Limited, Registered in England & Wales no. 733011. Registered Office: No1 Brookhill Way, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 3EL.

When using Asset Finance your agreement will be with a Lloyds Banking Group company whose terms and conditions will apply. The provision of credit or leasing services by us is subject to your meeting our Credit approval. Please ensure that you only apply for credit or leasing services that you can comfortably afford.

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