Top 10 Mobile Banking Apps

Top 10 Mobile Banking AppsTop 10 Mobile Banking Apps.

A leader in the rewards space is American Express. It serves cardmembers rewards based on their locations, should they wish to use the geo-location service. The feature, called My Offers, combines Amex spend history with location information to provide discounts and recommendations of nearby merchants. In turn, customers click which deals they wish to get.

It has added user-friendly features like letting people flip through their check images and clearer legal disclosures. The bank is already on its second generation iPad app.

Like Simple, City Bank lets a customer flip a switch labeled “activation” to temporarily turn off a debit card, should he think it’s lost. The bank also allows customers to unblock foreign transactions and view check images within the transaction history. The app also allows customers to glean info, like balances or reward checking status without logging in. That’s a big deal. The design (which looks like a tic-tac-toe board) is clearer and crisper than most other banking apps’ style sensibilities.

The design of the mobile app surpasses many of its PFM peers, largely because the company’s roots originated in building for mobile first.

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