Automation-led Sustainable Cost TakeoutPower Human-Machine Collaboration with us

Automation-led Sustainable Cost TakeoutPower Human-Machine Collaboration with usAutomation-led Sustainable Cost Takeout Power Human-Machine Collaboration with us.

Touchless, Immersive Customer Experiences Power Human-Machine Collaboration with us.

Touchless, Immersive Customer Experiences Power Human-Machine Collaboration with us.

Automate Everything™

Are unstructured documents slowing down your automation journey?

Automate Everything™

Investing too much time and money on Testing in every release?

Automate Everything™

Has your velocity in sprints hit a bump?

Cloudify Everything™

Need to drive the change to the new environment and manage the legacy?

Cloudify Everything™

Did things look good at the PoC stage but you are unable to deliver cloud at scale?

Cloudify Everything™

Need tailored, prescriptive advice and blueprint for cloud adoption?

Transform Customer Experiences™

Cannot place orders, resolve issues & receive query responses anywhere, anytime, via any medium?

Transform Customer Experiences™

Looking to develop applications which deliver superior experience & are device agnostic?

Transform Customer Experiences™

Like to deliver consistent service predictability for your customers, partners & employees?

Business Process Services.

For The New Normal.

Beyond Covid-19, changes in behaviour and patterns will drive evolution in technology trends.


Customer Experience Transformation.

Application Transformation Mgmt.

Infrastructure Management Services.

Our response to Covid-19.

Ensuring safety and well-being of our employees and resilient business continuity for our customers.

Hear from our Clients, Experts, Dreamers and Doers. Connect the dots for Business Transformation.


Professional services Emerging Technologies – The New Guardians of Trust for Professional Services.

Healthcare Enabling Social Distancing with Telemedicine and Telehealth Services.

Healthcare Lloyd Sarrel, COO – CoreSource, A Trustmark Company, talks about CoreSource’s 15 years of.

Business Process Services.

Capital Markets Digitalization Component Framework – An Inside-Out Approach To Digital.

Professional services Trust Cycle and The Role of Emerging Technologies in Professional Services.

Travel Embracing digital transformation to enrich customer experience in the airline industry.

Customer Experience Transformation.

Retail & CPG IDC Whitepaper on “Know Your Product: Blockchain-Enabled Product Stewardship”

Education A Leading University Advances their Multi-environment Online Learning System.

Peek into our inspiring stories. Reach out for a deep dive.


Travel Digital Enablement and Legacy Transformation to Cloud Native for a Leading US-Based.

Application Transformation Mgmt.

Healthcare Cloud-First Strategy Implementation with Nutanix and Azure Public Cloud for a Leading.

Customer Experience Transformation.

News Events.

What we have been up to and what’s coming up!

National Harbor, MD.

Discover our compelling stories that made a difference.


European Insurer cracks the code to future-proof business growth & scales experiences.

Modernizing Airline Cargo technology with re-engineering for a pioneer Air Transportation Technology Company.

Fueling Customer Experience in Retail Industry.

Boost employee productivity and customer experiences with Agile DevOps.

Committed To Customers – Going Beyond the Shopping Cart.

SAM Software, As You Like It.

This Robo Advisor That Can Make You a Fortune.

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