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Banking ServicesBanking Services.


HCL’s innovative portfolio of services for the Banking industry help you to reinvent customer experience and achieve process excellence through automation.

Ranked in the LEADER category of Everest report on Retail Banking BPO – PEAK Matrix™

HCL is ranked as LEADER in 2016 Everest report Retail Banking BPO – State of the Market with PEAK Matrix™

Thriving in a World of Digital Disruption.

A definitive report which lays out 4 essential techniques that established financial services institutions must master in order to stay ahead of their rivals.

Banking industry.

What’s expected from the banking industry?

The banking industry is at a digital tipping point. With exponential increase in fintech, traditional banking is under immense stress. Additionally, the regulations impacting the sector are rapidly evolving and becoming more stringent. Therefore, operational layer cannot be viewed in isolation and the approach now is to consider the technological and customer experience layers integral to any comprehensive enterprise-wide initiative.

Where’s the market focus?

Previously, operations were enabled by multiple monolithic and legacy platforms. The spotlight has now shifted towards Robotics Process Automation, Business Process Management workflows, and digital solutions to deliver exceptional customer experience. Integrating these new-age technologies along with cost reduction and adherence to ever changing regulations has become the new normal.

What’s our framework?

Our holistic banking service offerings via innovative engagement models help you to keep up with customers’ expectations while meeting regulatory requirements.

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