Business Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore

Business Analyst Banking Training in BangaloreBusiness Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore.

Business Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore.

When you enroll in Business Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore, you’ll delve into the role and responsibilities of the business analyst (BA) – the communication link between all business areas and a critical player in project success.

Learn techniques of how the industry of Banking work, how Banks work and companies there work for ensuring project success every step of the way-from identifying and analyzing potential projects to making sure that the final project product meets the requirements you identified.

Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn to define the scope of work and master requirements-gathering techniques in Banking domain that will work for a variety of Banking projects and audiences. You’ll consider the unique needs of customers, stakeholders, and the IT department as you work toward building, documenting, communicating, and managing requirements.

What you will learn in this Business Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore.

Role and importance of a Business Analyst Vocabulary standards and business analysis practices through the use of the IIBA – A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) Plan BA requirements activities Elicit requirements from stakeholders, with an emphasis on interviews Analyze stated requirements, with an overview of modeling techniques Document requirements for different types of projects Verify and validate requirements Elements of requirements management and communication and the BA’s role in them Elements of solution verification and validation and possible BA roles Enterprise analysis: choosing appropriate projects Necessary competencies and best practices of BAs Waterfall, incremental, and agile lifecycles and how they change BA Practices Hands-On Exercises Identify Business Analysis Concepts and Activities in Your Organization Review a Vision and Scope Document Plan Requirements Activities for a Project How to Conduct an Interview Choose Elicitation Techniques How to draw Use Case Diagram Identify Models that Answer Key Questions Review a Requirements Document Determine the Impact of a Proposed Change to a Requirements Set Write a Test Case Using a Use Case Definition of Banking: Meaning of the term Bank and the Business of Banking History of Banking: Evolution of Banking as an Industry History of Banking: Famous Banks from the Past History of Banking: The Gold Standard and Fractional Reserve Banking Overview of Banking Industry: The Industry Basics Banking Sector, Segments and it’s Classification Type of Banks: Different Types of Banks in India and their Functions Types of Banks: Different Banks and their Classifications(Global) Walk Through the Steps of Enterprise Analysis for a Project Develop a Personal Action Plan to Improve Your BA Skills or Environment.

Business Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore.

How do we deliver Business Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore?

We deliver our training courses in three modes. They are Classroom training, Instructor led online training and Self paced learning.

Classroom training – We have learning centres across India and we provide business analysis training in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Coimbatore.

Instructor-led online training – We provide you the virtual classroom experience using video conferencing tools like Webex and GoToTraining. Our instructor will be there to assist you virtually just like a traditional classroom.

Self paced learning – Our self paced learning videos will be accessible whenever and where you want. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go!

What are the prerequisites to take Business Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore?

There are no prerequisites for becoming a Business Analyst. The candidate should hold a bachelors degree in technology or business management.

Here are the few educational qualifications which recruiter asks for:

B.Tech/M.Tech MCA/M.Sc Computer science MBA (Any specialization) B.Com/B.Sc (with process or IT related experience) Basic knowledge on Banking processes.

Who need to join this Business Analyst Banking Training in Bangalore?

Software Programmers/Team leaders Business Development/Sales executives Customer Service Representatives Quality Assurance Subject Matter Expert in IT/KPO/BPO IT/Helpdesk Support executives.

What are the skills which a Business Analyst should have?

Communication Skills Problem-Solving Skills Critical thinking skills Documentation skills Negotiation skills Analytical thinking Interpersonal skills.

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