Core Banking

Core BankingCore Banking.

Imagine an intelligent, connected and flexible core banking system ready for the future. We can help you have it now.

Core banking IT fit for the digital economy.

Customer experience is the top focus for bank operations leaders. And it should be. Everything from new customer expectations to digital models to Open Banking are pressuring banks to keep pace. Yet, achieving true customer-centric banking requires modernization of core banking systems—the front- and back-end software that processes daily banking transactions. Doing so gives banks new ways to operate faster, smarter and cheaper—using intelligent automation, cloud-based core banking-as-a-service, a liquid workforce and other business innovations to power a real-time digital customer experience.

Accenture brings together the skills, technologies and capabilities to renew core banking systems in ways that put customers first and enable banks to release trapped value in their operations. Contact us to see how we can help your bank become agile, hyper-relevant and ready for the future—right now.

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