Equipment Finance

Equipment FinanceEquipment Finance.

Replacing aging equipment or expanding your business’s capabilities and capacity with new equipment is frequently a headache the size of a road block…or, at least, a speed bump. Especially if something breaks down abruptly, depending on your cash flow situation, you might be facing downtime. Or worse: risk losing an opportunity with a new customer.

However, First Business Equipment Finance experts help you plan for and manage expenses, and develop customized financing strategies. Our individual action plans are crafted with your business, cash flow, and industry in mind to meet your equipment needs and your tax and accounting requirements.


When you work with First Business, you don’t have to keep track of tax depreciation rules and how they affect your business. Leave those details to our expert advisers who help you save time and money, and preserve your cash flow.


If there’s one consistently successful trait shared by highly productive business owners, it’s agility. Our Capital Equipment Lines of Credit allow you to act quickly when new opportunities arise.

Accelerated Access.

When you’ve got a path to productivity mapped out, you can’t wait on slow-poke financing. At First Business, we’re devoted to making decisions locally and rapidly. Our goal is quick access so you can acquire equipment in a timely fashion.

Full Service.

You’re partnering with a strong financial ally with fewer clients than other banks the same size. That means we’re structured to respond quickly and offer more resources, connections, and personal service than other banks do.


Running your business takes every waking second, and planning for every scenario isn’t always feasible. First Business Equipment Finance experts can help you dig through the best equipment financing options for you now and in the long term.

Accounting Changes.

Complex federal and international accounting rules can throw off your balance sheet. Rely on us to delve into the details and how they will affect your business, making recommendations with your future well-being in mind.

Cash Flow Incentives.

Enhance your business’s cash flow with innovative financing options to meet your needs, including the lowest monthly payments for seasonal cash-flow considerations, and financing up to 100% of the equipment cost.

Diversification Strategy.

Your hometown bank might not have the resources to handle all your financing needs. First Business is your financially sound partner, working as an alternative for your unique demands.

Financing Parameters.

With different loans, leases, and flexible payment options available, First Business works with you to determine the best plan forward for your business.

Tax Motivations.

Get the proactive, industry-specific advice you need to make moves that might impact your business’s taxes.


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