Escrow Manager: A Commercial Escrow Account Service

Escrow Manager: A Commercial Escrow Account ServiceEscrow Manager: A Commercial Escrow Account Service.

Are you looking for a commercial escrow account service in Maryland that is designed to save you time and money?

Revere Bank’s Escrow Manager will help you consolidate all of your subaccounts under one master account, simplifying your paperwork and reducing your operating costs. Continue reading to discover why we provide effective escrow management solutions for local Maryland businesses and organizations.

If you’d like more information, call Ray Rohde at 240-264-5375 . Ray will gladly answer all of your questions. You can also click here to fill out an online contact form and we’ll respond promptly.

Streamline Paperwork While Reducing Accounting Costs.

If you serve as an escrow agent to third parties, you can simplify your work, save time, and reduce your accounting costs by setting up a business escrow account.

Real estate and title companies, attorneys, accountants, property managers, funeral home directors and more will benefit from our personal approach to escrow management that is designed to work for your business.

We will link all of your accounts under one master account in order to:

Reduce operating costs and eliminate monthly maintenance and per item fees Simplify recordkeeping, account tracking and tax reporting Increase clarity with consecutively numbered subaccounts Create one consolidated statement each month, detailed by account.

As a local bank we are dedicated to making managing your finances as quick and easy as possible with flexible options designed for your business.

Get Competitive Rates And More.

Your master account will earn a competitive rate and interest will automatically flow to each of your subaccounts. Automatically tie your master escrow account to your business money market account to put excess funds to work earning for you.

With the flexibility to check your account online you can view your balance and make payments at any time.

Contact Revere Bank For More Information Today.

If you’re ready to streamline your finances and start saving time and money with commercial escrow account services, call Ray Rohde at 240-264-5375 today to learn more. You can also click here to contact us online.

Revere Bank specializes in helping Maryland businesses of all sizes with their banking needs. If you want to learn how our personalized approach to banking can grow your business, contact us today.

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