How can your business go beyond?

How can your business go beyond?How can your business go beyond?

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How did Air Roasters go beyond?

After working for a large accounting firm for years, Jamie Royal and his business partner decided to move into their own business. So they got into coffee.

Using an alternative technology to 90% of the competitive market, Air Roasters had a clear point of difference. As Jamie says, “We like to do things differently”.

The business was built on a commitment to strong relationships both with customers and suppliers. And this philosophy quickly led to success.

After establishing the business they soon outgrew their roasting supplier so they set up their own commercial roasting facility. The first step was to acquire a property and from this point on Air Roasters formed a partnership with Beyond Bank. Watch the video to hear the story.

Solutions for your business.

Business services.

Business loans.

Turn your business dreams into reality. With competitive interest rates, low fees and flexible repayment options, our business loans make it easy to get your business plans underway.

Business accounts.

Beyond Bank’s Business Bank Accounts aim to increase your wealth with a range of interest rate options, no monthly account keeping fees and flexible, everyday access to your money.

Payment solutions.

Whether you have a bricks and mortar presence, or you’re e-commerce based, we have a payment solution for you. Learn more about our EFTPOS and IntegraPay options.

Talk to Us.

We offer specialist business bankers with the expertise to understand your business banking needs, and who care about you and your prosperity. Our personalised, service-driven business bankers can provide you with the right support to achieve your goals and the banking solutions to allow you to get on with business.

Business Banking FAQs.

Can different signatories within the membership have different levels of access within business banking?

Yes. There are different levels of authority within business banking:

Full Access – allows members to view, create, update (edit), approve and submit a batch. View Only – will disable batch access in business banking. Members will be able to only view existing batches and not perform any functions in business banking. Create and Update – allows members to view, create, update (edit) a batch but not approve, delete or submit. Create, Update and Approve – allows members to view, create, update (edit), delete and approve a batch, but not submit a batch.

This can define relationships and allows members to assign business banking authority controls based on account relationships. For example, “Full Access” for company directors and “Create and Update” for accountants/finance departments etc…

If an account is set to two to sign, and both signatories have full access, can one signatory create and submit the batch?

On two to sign accounts, both signatories are required to approve the batch.

Can I use multiple saving accounts to process Batch Payments?

No. You cannot debit different accounts within the same batch. However, if you are reprocessing an incomplete batch, you will have the opportunity to select a different account for the remainder of the transactions.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions in either manual batches or Cemtex batches?

Yes. Cemtex files are limited to 9,999 transactions, with manually created batches limited to 50 transactions.

Can I re-run a Cemtex file batch with failed / rejected transactions, or do I need to create a new batch?

Yes. Uploaded Cemtex batches can simply be re-run and only failed transactions will be processed and posted. Please click Update against the Cemtex batch and click Process . If all the transactions have processed successfully, you will not have the option to update and re process the batch – to reprocess, you will need to upload a new Cemtex file for processing.

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