Keep your workers and business healthy

Keep your workers and business healthyKeep your workers and business healthy. Go digital.

Your business does not have to go on hold when you can go digital.

The current COVID-19 situation is a challenging one and has affected the operations of many businesses. With the implementation of digital tools and technologies our lives and our businesses can still continue. At OCBC, we are committed to ensure the continuity of your business and through the partnership with IMDA Go Digital initiative, we have put together useful digital solutions to help SMEs BUY, SELL and OPERATE better during this time.

Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB)

As announced by the government, the DRB aims to help food services and retail businesses digitalise, be resilient and adapt quickly to the fast changing COVID norms. If your business is in these sectors, you can get up to S$10, 000 in bonus pay-outs when you use a pre-defined category of digital solutions.

To qualify, simply sign up for PayNow Corporate and Peppol e-invoicing with OCBC, and start using these digital solutions.

Digital solutions enable greater flexibility regardless of how and where you work.

Business Internet & Mobile Banking.

While our branches and ATMs are in operation, we recommend minimizing contact risk by using our digital banking services. With Business Internet Banking (Velocity@ocbc) and Business Mobile Banking app, you can manage your business accounts, check balances, initiate and approve transactions, as well as access trade financing solutions safely, securely, all at your convenience.

Digital Business Dashboard.

Remote working does not mean you will have to lose control of your business. Get a full view of your marketing, accounting, HR data and make confident business decisions with the Digital Business Dashboard. You can even customize and share it with your key decision makers. Free with your OCBC Business Account.

Online Collaboration Solution.

Keep your business connected and make working from home easier with the collaboration tools available on G Suite. OCBC customers enjoy a preferential subscription when you register with FOMO Pay.

Online HR Management Solution.

Automate your HR process and ensure your payroll processes can be executed on time and accurately regardless of any unplanned interruptions. Enjoy up to 6 months free subscription with the Start Digital Programme.

E-learning Module for Education Centres.

For education centres, continue offering your lessons online during this period. Equip your centre with Taidii’s e-learning solution at a preferential rate, exclusively for OCBC customers.

Online Accounting.

Take your accounting processes online with Xero and reduce the need for manual processes. Enjoy up to 12 months free subscription through the Start Digital Programme.

Online Business Incorporation.

Register your next business with OSOME and open an OCBC Business Account at the same time online, avoiding any meetups. It’s hassle free and no documents are required.

Online Loan Application.

Strengthen your business cash flow during these uncertain times with the enhanced working capital loan. It’s fully online, so you will be able avoid the crowds and skip the queues.

Keep your business open and sell through e-commerce and digital marketing.

F&B Solution for Takeaway and Delivery.

For F&B businesses impacted by the circuit breaker measures, easily set up delivery and take away services with your own ordering app. Get started quickly with Butleric and enjoy preferential transaction fees exclusively for OCBC customers.

E-commerce Solution.

With retail stores experiencing significant reduction in footfall, consider exploring e-commerce as an alternative channel to sell. Set up your e-store easily with Shopify and enjoy up to 12 months free subscription with the Start Digital Programme.

E-commerce Consultancy.

Increase your reach and get new customers with your own online store. Get started fast with a consultation from FirstCom, and enjoy up to 98% support from the Productivity Service Grant.

Digital Marketing Consultancy.

In this digital age, learn how you can develop your brand’s online presence with help from FirstCom. Exclusive for OCBC customers, the Digital Marketing Jumpstart Package comes with SGD$1,500 in advertising credits for your campaign.

Email Marketing Solution.

Stay close to your customers despite social distancing by engaging them online via email. See how Mailchimp connects you with your customers, helps you drive traffic, increases conversion and improves sales. Enjoy up to 12 months free subscription with the Start Digital Programme.

E-commerce Booster Package.

Continue your business by selling online. Get support from Enterprise Singapore to set up your e-commerce store on Amazon. In addition to being able to claim 90% of the qualifying costs needed to set up your operation, OCBC customers get a one-time S$100 account rebate and S$1,500 in credit for Amazon Web Services.

Digital Business Dashboard.

Monitor the performance of your digital marketing campaigns using the Digital Business Dashboard. Access marketing data from apps such as Facebook, Google Analytics and Mailchimp to help you optimize your campaign. Free with your OCBC Business Account.

Get paid faster, offer convenience to your customers with e-invoicing, online banking and digital payments.


Automate your invoicing process and get timely reconciliation using our Business Internet Banking (Velocity@ocbc). Minimize physical contact and remove the need for face to face delivery of invoices. Available soon.

Business Internet & Mobile Banking.

Reduce cash and cheque handling by managing your payments online using FAST and/or GIRO. Unlimited free transactions with your OCBC Business Growth Account.

PayNow and SGQR.

Enable contactless payment and collection using PayNow to reduce the need to handle cash and cheques. PayNow is hassle free and you can collect instantly and pay securely.

You can collect by giving payers your UEN or PayNow QR code. Enjoy Fee Waiver for 3 years for all incoming PayNow transaction till 31 Dec 2022. Your PayNow QR can be incorporated into SGQR (Singapore Quick Response Code)

You may be directed to third party websites. OCBC Bank shall not be liable for any losses suffered or incurred by any party for accessing such third party websites or in relation to any product and/or services provided by any provider under such third party websites.

The Digital Resilience Bonus seeks to uplift the digital capabilities of a broad base of enterprises so that they can adapt to safe management practices after the circuit breaker period. As a pilot, the Bonus will be targeted at the Food Services and Retail sectors.

Food Services and Retail enterprises that are incorporated on or before 26 May 2020 and have adopted pre-defined categories of digital solutions by 30 June 2021 can receive bonus payouts of up to $10,000, if they:

Adopt PayNow Corporate and PEPPOL e-invoicing; and Adopt the digital solutions in the required categories.

The payout for Category 1 and 2 is $2,500 per enterprise per Category, and the payout for Category 3 is $5,000 per enterprise. Enterprises that fulfil all categories will receive $10,000.

Food Services Sector.

Categories Solution Types Solution List Category 1 1.1 Accounting 1.2 HR/Payroll and 1.3 Digital Ordering for Dine-in/Takeaway.

Category 2 Online food delivery (via food delivery platforms or own online shopfront) or e-procurement.

Category 3 Data mining and analytics To be added.

Retail Sector.

Categories Solution Types Solution List Category 1 1.1 Accounting 1.2 HR/Payroll and 1.3 Digital Ordering for Dine-in/Takeaway.

Category 2 e-Commerce.

Category 3 Data mining and analytics To be added.

There is no need for enterprises to apply for the Bonus. IMDA will work with pre-qualified vendors and platforms and automatically pay out the Bonus to eligible enterprises.

The first enterprises that adopt the pre-defined solutions will receive their first Bonus payouts in August. Those that adopt later will receive their Bonus payouts in later months. IMDA will have a monthly cycle of assessing enterprises’ eligibility for the Bonus and making the Bonus payouts. Assessment of eligibility for the DRB payouts is based on whether an enterprise has used the solution, regardless of the date when the solution was deployed. The Bonus payout will be paid through your PayNow Corporate account.

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