Life stage banking solutions for small business

Life stage banking solutions for small businessLife stage banking solutions for small business.

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1 Life stage banking solutions for small business.

2 Nedbank Small Business Services The perfect solution for your small business with Nedbank A life stage banking solution specially designed for small businesses. At Nedbank we understand how important it is for small-business owners to focus on growth. Business owners require a bank that is a supportive partner and a collaborator in the success of their businesses. Whether your business is just starting up, in its early stage of growth (younger than two years), or an established business with an annual turnover of up to R20 million we have the right banking solution for you. The Nedbank small-business startup offer Starting your own business takes courage, but having a partner to help you get through the first two years can make all the difference to the success of your small business. At Nedbank we want you to succeed. That s why Nedbank Small Business Services has a unique proposition aimed at new businesses that are starting up, or are younger than two years. Nedbank is the first South African bank to introduce free transactional banking to small businesses. In addition, we also go beyond banking and offer sound practical business support to business owners whose businesses are in the startup phase.

3 To help you get your business off the ground the Nedbank small-business startup offer* gives you: Free transactional banking Apply for a minimum of R finance from Nedbank for your startup or franchise and, for the next two years, you ll get: free unlimited cheques from your own chequebook; free unlimited debit orders; free unlimited cash deposits; and free unlimited Nedbank internet banking. 02 A business registration service Practical mentorship Free financial training for franchises Additional financial assistance Through our association with SwiftReg we offer a convenient and efficient service to facilitate the registration of your business within our branches. Through our association with Business Partners, you can enjoy practical mentorship across a range of areas to help you build a successful business. We offer a free two-day financial-management training course to both existing and new franchises that conduct a business account with Nedbank. Finance is also possible through our association with the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA) to assist businesses that do not qualify for loans due to lack of or inadequate security. Value-added services available to both startup and established businesses Free business management seminars It s My Biz reality show Nedbank runs small-business seminars twice a year in various venues around the country. These seminars provide practical insights given by experts in their fields to assist startups in running a successful business. is an online portal for small businesses to network, improve business skills and keep up with latest trends and thinking. Find the right tools and offers to help your business get ahead. A reality show for small business aired weekly on A team of panellists who are experts in their fields provide practical advice to businesses selected for the show. This provides valuable information to other small businesses that may also be in need of advice and guidance. * Applicable to small businesses starting up, or that are younger than two years. For more information: talk to the Small Business Services representative in any Nedbank branch today for help when signing up for this unique offer; or call the Nedbank helpline on with any questions.

4 Nedbank Small Business Services The Nedbank small-business growth solution Of course, once your startup business has established itself and is embarking on a phase of growth, you will need a banking solution to help your growing business thrive. For established businesses that are older than two years, with an annual turnover of up to R20 million, we have the small-business growth solution. Through one quick switch to Nedbank, this solution gives you access to an assortment of essential small-business products and services, thus enabling the growth of your small business. ** One Greenback for every R5 spent on your Nedbank Visa Business Credit Card and two Greenbacks for every R5 spent on your free Nedbank American Express Premium Card. And remember, your Nedbank Greenbacks never expire, so you can save them for as long as you wish.

5 04 Business current account with working capital solutions Business electronic banking Business Gold credit card and/or debit card linked to Nedbank s Greenbacks Rewards Vehicle and equipment finance HomeVision facility Nedbank payroll solutions for your business A current account with an overdraft or debtor management solutions allowing your business to access up to 80% in advance on the money that is locked up in your invoices due for payment, thereby improving your cashflow. This account also offers you access to cash-handling services and many other benefits that can help you manage the day-to-day transactions in your business. This allows you access to your business bank account from any computer or suitable electronic device so that, as a business owner, you can transfer funds and make payments in a secure environment at any time of the day or night. A Nedbank credit card gives you up to 55 days interest-free credit to stretch your cashflow and also gives you the flexibility to repay your balance at competitive rates. Your business credit/debit card may be linked to Nedbank s Greenbacks Rewards Programme. This is an optional rewards programme that lets you earn points on purchases made on your business credit/debit cards.** These points can be redeemed, to benefit you and your business, for the following: discounts on flights, electronic devices, affordable car hire, lower accommodation rates and much more. Your finance can be arranged upfront by the granting of prearranged limits to your small business, which will be reviewed annually together with your other banking facilities. This will help you to make an objective buying decision without pressure, and there will be no delays in waiting for a decision on your finance application, as everything is arranged at the outset. Get a Nedbank HomeVision facility on your homeloan and access the surplus equity built up in your homeloan. The surplus funds can be used towards capitalising your small business, or for many other purposes. This is cost-effective and convenient, and will save you the additional costs of registering a second mortgage in the future. Nedbank understands the complexities of the payroll and payment requirements of your business, which is why we created Nedbank Payroll an internet-based operating system integrating both your HR and payroll requirements which offers you a range of innovative features and benefits. Log on to, register for free and drive your business success through this online gateway. Get practical business information, valuable insights, great offers and tools to assist you in growing your business and managing your day-to-day activities.

6 Nedbank Small Business Services At Nedbank we Make Things Happen for small businesses! Why switch to Nedbank? At Nedbank we understand that time is money and that you need a bank that understands your financial needs. A tailormade Nedbank life stage banking solution offers you: One point of contact Hassle-free banking and application process The Nedbank small-business startup offer The Nedbank small-business growth solution A relationship manager dedicated to servicing your small business, supported by a team of specialists, is located in your region to help you manage your banking needs whether you are starting up a small business, or are already an established and growing small business. It is easy to do business with Nedbank. We aspire to help small businesses develop by focusing on their needs both in the short and in the long term. Our simplified application process for your financing requests, or any related banking products, is seamless. This means that there is quicker decisionmaking and facility enablement, which allows you to spend more time on your business. Let us take all the hassle out of moving your business account to us. Your dedicated client service team will manage the end-to-end process of switching your debit order payments. Small businesses that are starting up and take out the Nedbank small-business startup offer get free transactional banking for two years for cheques (from your own chequebook), debit orders, cash deposits and Nedbank internet banking. Established small businesses (older than two years) that switch their business account and take out an additional product as stipulated in the Nedbank small-business growth solution do not pay service fees on their Nedbank business account transactions for three months.

7 06 Customised value propositions to the franchising and professional medical sector 24-hour service at our client contact centre Safety, security and convenience with the Nedbank point-of-sale (POS) device Nedbank is well known for its specialist approach to business. From the franchising to the professional medical sector we have a team of specialists with indepth knowledge, expertise and understanding regarding these industries and the environment in which our clients businesses operate. A highly personalised relationship with our team of specialists affords you expedient service, as well as expert and customised advice. For your convenience Nedbank has made it easier to access our range of banking services 24 hours a day. You can have access to trained, qualified staff through the Nedbank Client Contact Centre. You will be able to: make product, statement, balance and payment enquiries; obtain assistance with internet banking and related matters; and make general enquiries. Call The benefits of paying and receiving payment by debit card are many: You and your clients/customers carry less cash, which means you are safer. Your clients/customers do not need to withdraw cash from ATMs, which is more convenient. You pay reduced cash deposit fees, because the money goes directly into your bank account. With a Nedbank POS device (card machine), your clients/customers will be able to pay directly for purchases, as well as services such as prepaid airtime and electricity, and make cash withdrawals***, all at one device, adding up to a one-stop, safe, convenient solution for you and your clients/customers. To find out more call the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on and one of our consultants will help you. *** Your device (card machine) must be enabled for cash advances, cash back, prepaid airtime and prepaid electricity. Call to activate.

8 purpleberry 1112/7349 For more information or to access the business express solution please us at Qualifying terms and conditions apply. Nedbank Ltd Reg No 1951/000009/06, VAT Reg No We subscribe to the Code of Banking Practice of The Banking Association South Africa and, for unresolved disputes, support resolution through the Ombudsman for Banking Services. We are an authorised financial services provider. We are a registered credit provider in terms of the National Credit Act (NCR Reg No NCRCP16).

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