Online Banking Solutions (OBS) Introduces New OBVIATE Security Product

Online Banking Solutions (OBS) Introduces New OBVIATE Security ProductOnline Banking Solutions (OBS) Introduces New OBVIATE Security Product.

Next Generation Web Security Application Offers Expanded Features and Portal Capabilities.

ATLANTA–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Online Banking Solutions (OBS) announced today the release of a new security solution designed to maximize the online banking user experience and help protect against financial fraud.

OBVIATE is the next generation of the successful M-Secure browser already in use by many financial institutions as an alternative to hard security tokens and security point solutions. OBVIATE multi-layer security features offer workstation and financial data protection against online threats such as spyware, banking trojans and other advanced malware. The innovative design approach of OBVIATE assumes that each workstation is already compromised by ongoing cybercriminal attacks which are ever increasing in effectiveness. Leveraging layers of mutual authentication, encrypted keyboard technology, and entitlement-based web destinations, OBVIATE offers a strong security solution to mitigate the threat of any virus or malware lurking to perpetuate fraud.

Coupled with the strong security of OBVIATE, the user experience encompasses streamlined access to multiple financial institution sites. Users enjoy the efficiency of fewer credentials to manage through Single Sign-On (SSO) and simplified credential management while FI’s benefit from competitive differentiation and new branding opportunities. With OBVIATE, Online Banking Solutions has achieved the goal of providing both more security and greater convenience, resulting in reduced losses and increased user productivity.

According to Scott Graf, OBS CTO, “Ten years ago, we recognized the need for a new approach to supporting secure web banking. We began with the notion that securing the online session and data was more feasible than trying to manage the security of end user computers. OBVIATE is the continuation of our vision and commitment to strong business online banking security.”

Dan Myers, OBS CEO said, “We view strong, integrated security as fundamental to business online banking and have invested heavily in protecting the trust between financial institutions and the companies they serve.” Myers added, “It’s hard to imagine any online system operating in today’s environment without a solid security foundation.”

More about OBS Products.

The proven OBS Messenger Center provides a secure contemporary foundation for: Messenger Financial Center (MFC) targeted to medium businesses and large corporations, Messenger Business Center (MBC) for emerging to small businesses, Messenger Delivery Center (MDC) for computer-to-computer information delivery, Messenger Commerce Center (MCC) for automated and integrated payables, and Messenger Security Center (MSC) that secure OBS Messenger Center and its products and which can be extended to protect third party applications such as lockbox, remote deposit, and bill pay. OBS services and products provide a high degree of integrated security, any-channeled/mobile access, payment capabilities, simple enrollment and entitlements, ease of customer support, business administrative tools, and the ability to readily adapt services to a single customer or market segment.

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