SBS stands forSecure Banking Solutions

SBS stands forSecure Banking SolutionsSBS stands for Secure Banking Solutions.

What does SBS stand for?

What is the abbreviation for Secure Banking Solutions?


The list of abbreviations related to SBS – Secure Banking Solutions.

VPN Virtual Private Network CFO Chief Financial Officer CPU Central Processing Unit DOA Delegation of Authority CEO Chief Executive Officer ATM Automated Teller Machine MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

KYC Know Your Customer CRR Cash Reserve Ratio SIDC State Industrial Development Corporation IMF International Monetary Fund FDI Foreign Direct Investment ALM Asset Liability Management SLR Statutory Liquidity Ratio.


Most relevant lists of abbreviations for SBS (Secure Banking Solutions)

Alternative Meanings.

SBS – Shaken Baby Syndrome SBS – Sick Building Syndrome SBS – Shear Bond Strength SBS – Short Bowel Syndrome SBS – Silicon Bilateral Switch.


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