Small Business Solutions

Small Business SolutionsSmall Business Solutions.

Your business is our business.

Whether you need a small business loan or a full-featured bank account, we have the solutions you need to get started, get growing and get ready for your next step.

Small Business Solutions.

Your business is our business.

Whether you need a small business loan or a full-featured bank account, we have the solutions you need to get started, get growing and get ready for your next step.

Straightforward and responsive.

We are ready to help you make informed, confident financial decisions for your business with the right-sized solution and a roll-up-our sleeves approach.

Relationships built to last.

We have banking services that can evolve with you as your business launches, changes and adapts over the years. With lending and banking solutions that cover the full lifecycle of your business, we will partner with you for the long haul.

Strategic support and vision.

Managing a business means your eye is always on the next move, the next opportunity, the next market shift. We will help you strategically manage your everyday banking services and lending opportunities, so you can stay focused on the horizon.

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Loans and Lending Checking accounts Savings.

Small business loans and lending.

Your business is different, which is why we take the time to listen, discuss your growth opportunities and offer small business lending options tailored to your situation.

Small business loans.

We offer a wide variety of business loans and lending options that can help you for the short-term or the long-term. From equipment loans and leases, accounts receivable financing, asset based loans and more, we can help you meet the next challenge head-on.

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.

UMB is an SBA certified lender offering several SBA programs with a streamlined underwriting process and broad qualifying business purpose. These loans can offer longer terms, with rates tailored to your business needs. They can allow you to expand and grow with equipment purchasing, real estate, international services and other business expenses.

Lines of credit.

Business lines of credit are a flexible financing option that gives you access to a revolving credit amount rather than a lump sum. This can be useful for ongoing credit needs for purchases or expense management to support seasonal changes in operations, inventory demands, short-term financing, among others.

Small business credit card.

The UMB Visa® Signature Business Rewards credit card is designed for mid-sized organizations, with flexible rewards, employee management and in-depth reporting.

Small business checking accounts.

We have several business checking account options that are designed to meet your business needs, whether you’re a sole proprietor, a start-up or an established business. Any of these accounts can be opened with a $100 minimum, and provide tiered services charges based on your transaction volume and needs.

Small business checking – Great for business with low or moderate transaction volume.

This straightforward account gives you efficient checking features, so you can quickly and easily manage your business cash flow.

Small business checking plus – Great for business with moderate to high transaction volume.

An enhanced business checking account to better serve businesses with more than 100 transactions each month.

Small business treasury solutions checking – Great for businesses who need access to additional financial tools.

A value-add small business checking account that pairs streamlined checking features with included access to remote deposit, QuickBooks® and check imaging.

Compare our small business checking options with our downloadable solution guide.

Small business savings.

Optimize your extra business cash with an interest-bearing money market account.

Small business money market account.

This money market account pays you interest on the amount of your deposit balance, so the more you save, the more you earn.

Competitive interest rates paid on seven-tiered balances Up to six withdrawals per month at no charge Limited check writing Interest earned on balances.

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