Improve your SME’s underwriting and lending capabilities, helping them manage their business better and grow. Empower them to buy, operate and sell, be in control of their finances and boost their business performance.

Proactive Finance Management.

Benefits for Customers.

A holistic view and better understanding of their finances. Comprehensive Past Spending Analysis & Forecast. Reconciliation with invoicing and accounting platforms. Cash flow prediction and advance invoice payments. Ability to grow business potential via online channels. Tax provisioning to avoid surprises.

Benefits for Banks.

Cashflow management. Attract new customers via invoice aggregation. Increased SME engagement on digital channels. Greater customer loyalty and better understanding of SME’s needs. Faster time to market, accelerated rate of innovation. Leverage expertise in AI, predictive analytics and UX/UI. Seamless integration with existing systems.

SME Banking Products.

BFM-Business Financial Management.

Take your business’ pulse, monitor performance and ensure long term health.


Know, help and monetize your customer, in that order! Anticipate and solve their needs by offering the next-best action.

API Hub.

Become your customers’ connectivity platform, helping them tap into third-party services.

CLO-Customer Linked Offer.

Customers receive tailor-made offers and save on highly-targeted products.

Added Value.

Offer Added Value services to your small and medium-sized enterprise customers. Empower and guide them to be more in control of their business finances and have a holistic view of their current, past and future financial situation.

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