Standard Bank Merchant Solutions

Standard Bank Merchant SolutionsStandard Bank Merchant Solutions.


AutoLink is a trusted product for merchants who need a Point of Sale payment device for credit, debit or cheque cards. We provide two kinds of AutoLink card machines – a standalone desktop device and a portable device. AutoLink devices are lightweight, durable and easy to operate, with step-by-step instruction prompts and good security features for cardholders. AutoLink is ideal for merchants in a small shop, restaurant, quick service outlet, petrol station or outdoor venue.


If you run a mobile business and you want to be able to process card payments anywhere, then BluMobi may be just the right product for you. BluMobi is a secure card payment system that works with a smartphone or tablet without needing a fixed telephone line. Using Bluetooth connectivity and pairing a BluMobi device with a free downloadable BluMobi app, your customers are able to make secure PIN-based payments using their debit or credit cards – anywhere and at any time.


AutoSwitch is a solution that enables a direct connection into Standard Bank acquiring systems so a payment transaction takes only 3-5 seconds to process. AutoSwitch is the right product for merchants who operate single or multi-lane businesses, like fast food outlets and busy stores and who need to keep customer queues moving swiftly.


Stay on trend with our electronic eCommerce solutions to accept virtual payments or QR code through online channels. If you’re looking for a product that enables your customers to make secure payments electronically, this product may be just what you’re looking for. Strong growth in online shopping and eCommerce require stable and trusted payment systems, putting more customers within easy reach to boost sales and grow your business. To operate eCommerce payment solutions, you don’t need any physical device. You simply require a web interface that is fairly quick to set up.

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