Strategy2Act – KPI Metrics Library

Strategy2Act - KPI Metrics LibraryStrategy2Act – KPI Metrics Library.

Balanced Scorecard Metric Template Products:

How does KPI library work?

1. Find KPIs that you need – use search or browse appropriate categories.

2. Read description carefully to find out if these KPIs are what you need.

3. Download trial version for free to get an idea about what is inside.

4. Buy the full version to have KPIs in Excel with formulas and BSC file.

Balanced Scorecard Facts.

Balanced Scorecard Fact Sheet: 95% of typical workforce does not understand its organizations’ strategy , 70% of organizations do not link middle management incentives to strategy , 80% of organizations using balanced scorecard reported improvements in operating performance, 30% of companies think that the most important to their company today is performance management.

Ideas about KPIs.

Software that will help you to manager your KPIS.

BSC Designer helps to measure and control business performance using Scorecard and KPI tools.

Balanced Scorecard and KPI Training.

To start using training KPI:

Basic KPI Training . Check out a special pack product that will give you Training KPI + Step-by-Step presentation on how to use it in your business buy now for 30$.

To design your own KPIs:

KPI Best Practice Toolkit with step-by-step instructions, usage examples, best practice explained.

Detailed guide KPI experts:

Balanced Scorecard Design Toolkit is a must-have guide for any KPI and Balanced Scorecard expert, find there examples, step-by-step algorithms, ready-to-use schemes.

eTraining to become BSC Expert:

Balanced Scorecard Training available for download in MP3 format.

Ready-to-use Templates.

Balanced Scorecard Templates – ready-to-use PowerPoint templates for your Balanced Scorecard projects.

Strategy Map Templates – design your own Strategy Map using these PowerPoint templates.

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