Workflow Automation for Retail Banking

Workflow Automation for Retail BankingWorkflow Automation for Retail Banking.

A transformational experience can separate your bank from the competition. Reimagining how you communicate, connect and work will help you know your customer even better. And document management and process automation can help you deliver superior service in an omnichannel world.

So how do you get there? Xerox Workflow Automation Solutions for Retail Banking can help you replace manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks to accelerate your business processes. In turn, your company can cut costs, realize efficiencies and build more satisfaction across the customer life cycle.

Our capabilities include mobile and electronic data capture, imaging, document recognition, and work process automation as you move between digital and physical worlds. We deliver these into a core platform that manages electronic content and integrates with key banking systems. And your employees will appreciate having access to all of the information they need to do their jobs, more efficiently and cost effectively, with back office processes delivering a more consumer-like experience.

Workflow Automation Solutions for Retail Banking.

Our Workflow Automation Solutions for Retail Banking combine content management, records management and business process automation. We help you efficiently manage all of your content, from scanned paper documents, faxes, print streams, application files and electronic forms to web content, multimedia files, emails and industry standard files from your core banking systems.

Loan Application Processing.

Overcome the challenges of manual loan processing by automating or removing many of the manual paper handling and document processing steps.

New Client Onboarding.

Simplify and shorten the onboarding process to start building customer satisfaction and grow your business right away. Give staff a consolidated view of all collected information from potential clients.

Fraud Information Management.

When you manage information to detect fraud across the enterprise, you can also give employees a 360-degree view of all case-related information.

Compliance and Records Management.

Automate and streamline the document retention process to provide consistent, timely disposition of content in line with internal and external standards.

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